Narcissistic Abuse A-Z Glossary Guide eBook (Expand Your Vocabulary/Literacy On This Topic)


Just got out of an abusive/confusingly toxic relationship and want to know what the heck just went on? Or want to help someone who’s been through this? If enough boxes are ticked, it’s possible you were dealing with a pathological personality disordered person like a psychopath/narcissist/borderline.

The kind of damage these people can do to others is very specific, very painful and can take a long time to recover from. Reality can indeed be stranger than fiction when dealing with these people.

This eBook aims to help you more easily understand what just happened – the what, the how, the why.

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Step #1 of this recovery process is to fully understand and put words to what you just went through. This eBook has been designed to send you a long way towards doing that by offering in depth analysis and conceptualization of the entire topic of toxic abuse from pathological personalities.

Learning, educating yourself and becoming a mini expert is NOT the end of this process, just the start (at some point we need to stop obsessing/ruminating, move on and let go of what happened).

But this first stage of understanding still needs to be gone through. That’s what I want to help with with this eBook.

Here are some common places people find themselves in following Cluster B abuse:

  1. Knowing that something was very, very wrong with what you just went through, but not quite being able to describe or put words to it. Being able to feel the “wrongness” but not always articulate, verbalize or conceptualize it.
  2. Feeling an entire bundle of different emotions that you can’t really differentiate or discern.
  3. Being aware on some level that there’s loads of different resources and information on the internet, but it’s all dispersed the sheer amount of it can be overwhelming (where to start and who to listen to).
  4. Having little or no motivation to even start this process, since this kind of abuse often drains victims of their motivation and concentration.

If any of these points describes you or someone you know, I made this eBook to help out.


I aim to give readers a bird’s eye view of the entire topic of toxic personality disorders (Cluster B spectrum) and abuse tactics/patterns, and also steer them towards some key recovery principles/concepts.

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Q. Who is this course designed for?
A. It’s designed to help beginners new to this topic and probably fresh out of a toxic/abusive relationship, very confused and wanting to better understand what happened and why.

Q. Who is this course NOT for?
A. It’s probably less suitable for people who’ve been consuming content on narcissism/Cluster B disorders/toxic abuse for a long time and already probably know a lot of the terminology and jargon. It may expand your vocabulary a bit more, or give you a different slant on things, but it’s more for people new to this subject.