My name is Oliver, and I’ve designed this blog to be an information hub on narcissists and narcissistic behavior/abuse. My goal is to bring to together all the information and learning gleaned from my own experience dealing with narcissistic personalities in work and personal circles (plus research and consuming content on the topic), into one information hub that helps answer common questions for people wanting to understand and deal with these individuals.

The narcissistic personality is one of the most peculiar, tragically broken but still ultimately pathological and dangerous personality types out there in the world.

In this blog I’ll be aiming to cover a lot of information about narcissists, including:

  • The main narcissistic traits (9 traits of NPD)
  • How narcissists are formed/made
  • How they behave and common abuse patterns they engage in (narcissistic abuse)
  • WHY they behave in this way, what motivates the narcissistically disordered person to hurt others the way they do.
  • Understanding the structure, fragility and weaknesses of the narcissistic personality, demonstrating how easily they can be manipulated (helps to de-mystify and disempower them)
  • How to interact and deal with narcissistic personalities in your life in order to best protect yourself and limit the damage they can do to you.
  • A pretty complete analysis of the concept of “narcissistic supply” – the food or fuel which a narcissists needs to prop up their fragile sense of self.
  • How to identify when you might be around a narcissist or other pathological personality
  • Some tips on how to recover from narcissistic abuse and move on.
  • Removing confusion and providing clarity around a narcissist’s often confusing and hurtful behavior (explaining the what and the why of their behavior).

Bottom line – If my content can reduce the subjective distress and confusion that many people feel when dealing with narcissistic personalities in their life, by explaining the what/how/why of their often toxic behaviors, then I will consider it to have done it’s job.

For non urgent enquiries, please use the Contact Form on our Contact Us page (I cannot however act as anyone’s source of legal or therapeutic advice – always contact a competent professional for dealing with serious issues relating to narcissists and other pathological personalities in your life).